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We are not the Leader of the Tour Operator in Europe and we do not want to be. We have to speak clearly for building up a strong and long-lasting business relationship. If you need to work with who organize trip for thousand or more tourists each year just go to the Leader Company. First of all find it. It’s not easy. Each Tour Operator, from the smallest to the biggest, say “Leader in Tourism, The Reference of Traveler”. The Leader is in the top of anybody else, first on the street of success, a one way road. So the Leader is one. Do you find it? If you do it, just send us a mail. I’m curious to know. If you have not found it or you are not interested to work with a big company made by hundreds or thousands of workers behind a laptop you may think to ask to us. I can just say one thing. IF you will become our clients you will never look for anybody else. IF. Because we have only 100 clients. Not more. With more clients we can change us in a big and slow company that look for profit and not for people. Send us a request and IF we have place for you we will send you a quotation. IF we have not time or place we will send you a partner. “How you dare…” Please do not think we are arrogant. It’s our way to protect our clients. We want to cuddle and protect them from unpleasure restaurant, from late transfer, from solitary hotels. We want to protect them 24/7. For more info about our cuddling and protecting read the site. For more request look for our contacts info and send us a mail.

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Mercurio Viaggi Ponte Vecchio Florence C
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Our Clients
60% from Extra-EU countries and 40% form EU countries. Half of these clients are with us since 2011. The requests are for all the european countries expecially for Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Hungary and last but not least, Ireland.




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