The Vasari Corridor is currently closed for rennovations. It was necessary an upgrade of safety systems for visitors. A reopening it will be in 2021.

Hystory of the Vasari Corridor

The Corridor was built in 1565 by Giorgio Vasari ath the time of Francesco I de’ Medici. It’s a long passegeway that connected the Pitti Palace, where the Grand Duke resided, with the Uffizi where he worked because he felt insecure in public. The Central part of the Corridor goes over Ponte Vecchio and it’s the most beautiful panoramic point of view of all the way.

Corridoio Vasariano MercurioViaggi
Corridoio Vasariano MercurioViaggi

The Renovation Works of Vasari Corridor

Gallery Director, Mr. Schmidt, told that the reopening are planned for 2021. The renovation plan includes the full access for people with disability, 5 new emergency exitsm an air-conditioning system, led lighting and video surveillance. Last but not least the restoration of walls and flooring and a new ground floor entrance next to Vasari Auditorium, where visitors will purchase tickets.

3D View of Vasari Corridor from Google Maps

Schmidt talk about ticket price for Vasari Corridor. From €20 to €45 for each person or a XXL ticket for Vasari Corridor and other museums. The real price will be official only in 2021.